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Customized high-end jewelry is the essential senior of SUPER ICE 頂寶 (Ding Bao) Jewelry Net .


The term, ICE, is from the characteristics of diamonds are as pristine and pure as ice , therefore  “SUPER ICE” is to describe the super diamonds. “頂寶 (Ding Bao)”, meaning the top quality gem stones, also originated from our first intention as a role of wholesalers to provide the high quality loose goods to jewelry stores.


We love gems and commercial art design. We have been preparing for this platform for a long time and finally the officially opening took place in 2015. We also simultaneously have roles as gemologist, jewelry investment adviser, and we see ourselves as a professional exchange platform in the commercial market.


By carefully selecting brands, we wish to share the information on artistic jewelry design, popular products and new designers to those who love jewelry and art design. By doing so, we could further bring people to get a closer view of the jewelry world and keep up with the fashion trend!


Wherever you are, home or away from home, you can always get access to our user-friendly platform to enjoy a visual feast and grasp a variety of quality information. Furthermore, if you have difficulties of looking for certain jewelry pieces, we are willing to assist. For further information, please contact us.


SUPER ICE 頂寶 (Ding Bao) Jewelry Net is aiming to provide top service, and we commit to offer a absolutely enjoyable unique shopping experience.



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