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Member Recharge Station:


Free classes, contact us for reservation as news released!

Please specify the name and the event (Limited,see event page for more details)


Not our members yet? Do you want to enjoy quality social life?

Only 150NT to enjoy a high-quality knowledge feast!


01★Member benefits

New member registered online to get a welcome discount coupon.


02★Exclusive discounts

See product page for details.


03★Exclusive Event Gifts

From time to time, exclusive gift exchange for memebers.


04★Exclusive classes

See event page for details.


05★Exclusive birthday gifts

Shopping to gain 800 points at the month of your birthday.

(800 shopping points = 800NT, can not be used for discounts but will be counted for premium membership.)


06★Exclusive invitation benefits (Only for premium members)

Priority invitations for activities such as Master Lectures, Wine tasting, Tea tasting, coffee trip and Jewelry Appreciation etc.(Please refer to event page for further details)



How to become a member at SUPER ICE 頂寶 (Ding Bao) Jewelry Net?


Methods as follows:


01★Sign up on SUPER ICE 頂寶 (Ding Bao) to become a Quick News Member.


02★Buy any product on SUPER ICE 頂寶 (Ding Bao) to become a Fashion Member.


03★Purchase on SUPER ICE 頂寶 (Ding Bao) up to 180,000 NT within a year to become a Gold Member.

(The membership is valid for one year).


04★Purchase on SUPER ICE 頂寶 (Ding Bao) up to 880,000 NT within a year to become a Premium Member.

(The membership is valid for one year),any amount exceeds 880,000 NT will count towards the extension of membership for next year.


For example:

Amanda has spent 1 million until 2015/05/15(passed trail period); she then became a premium member by reaching the 880,000 NT, so the other 120,000 NT counted towards the Grand total before 2016/05/16, which means by spending another 760,000 NT Amanda will become a premium member for the recurring year. If the 880,000 NT consumption isn't reached by the second year, then all the Grand total will be nulled by 2016/05/17, and Amanda will have to spend another 880,000 NT to become a premium member again. Contact us for further inquiries.



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