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What's GIA

        GIA, the abbreviation for Gemological Institute of America, was founded in 1931 as a professional gemology and analysis agency for over 80 years and have been nurturing professionals for the jewelry industry. Besides their professional knowledge of gemology, GIA's appraisal department is the world's most credible appraisal agency. The globally recognized diamond grading system was also established by the GIA. It is why GIA is the world's most trust worthy jewelry professional organization.


How to identify the geniuness of GIA reports

      Simply enter your report number on GIA report check page :


How can I tell if the diamond I bought is the one listed in the report

There are two kinds of report:

1.For diamonds of 0.15 carats or more, GIA Diamond Grading Report can be applied. The certificate is about the size of A4.

2.For diamonds of 0.15 to 1.99 carats, GIA Diamonds Dossier can be applied. The certificate is smaller, and clarity characteristics is not included.


As shown on the right, diamonds under 1.00 carat will have its unqiue GIA report number inscribed on the diamond's girdle with laser, so it is easy to match with the certificate; the laser inscription may not be applied if the diamond is above 1.00 carat, while under this circumstance it is best to check if the content shown in the certificate
match the diamond. The easiest way is to check the consistency of the weight of the diamond on both sides, since the weight shown on the certificate is very accurate. It is hard to find two similar diamonds with the exact same weight, and it is always suggested to find an appraiser you can trust to further analyze on the clarity.



GIA report's inside page

GIA report

Laser inscription with a unique GIA report number on the diamond's girdle.

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